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Impact Windows West Palm Beach

Search for hurricane windows or impact windows West Palm Beach? You will be glad to know Impact Windows Wholesalers offers wholesale pricing to the public. Getting the highest quality, American Made, impact resistant windows & impact resistant doors has never been easier at these rock bottom prices.

Our organization is able to offer wholesale pricing due to our large sales volume, minimal overhead, and commitment to offer the best possible pricing in South Florida.

West Palm Beach, FL has some of the most beautiful homes in all of South Florida. However, this does not mean you should get artificially inflated prices for the same exact products we offer.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows West Palm Beach

  • There is no question, the benefits of impact resistant windows in West Palm Beach, FL are numerous. Knowing the advantages of impact windows will help you decide whether getting a free estimate is worthwhile. Below are the benefits associated with impact windows.

    • Home Security – While there are many safe neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL; the crime rate is almost the poorest one can imagine according to Neighborhood Scout. Crime Index is a 6. (100 is the safest). A huge benefit of impact windows is intruder protection. If your sliding glass doors and windows are all impact resistant, an intruder will have a very difficult time breaching into your residence. These windows are built for a 2×4 flying at 40MPH, faster than any man can throw a 2×4. The peace of mind of impact windows in West Palm Beach, FL almost makes the investment worth it alone.

    • Hurricane Protection – The last hurricane we got hit with was Hurricane Wilma, which devastated homes to the turn of billions of dollars. Those residents in West Palm Beach who had impact windows had minimal damage. Hurricanes can cause significant damage when windows are broken and air pressure tears off the roof. The likelihood of this occurring is significantly reduced. As you can see to the video to the right, your home and family will be safe if a hurricane hits.

    • Energy Savings – Many of the hurricane windows and impact resistant windows we sell will help your home become more efficient. Depending upon the type of impact windows you choose and the age of your current windows, the savings will differ. However, these are brand new windows which are extremely efficient in saving energy.

    • Increase of Home Value – Homeowners in West Palm Beach enjoy larger price per square foot in their homes. One fantastic way of increasing home value is with impact windows. The increase of home value is advised by reputable HGTV and the article can be found here. Aside from the other benefits, this is the icing on the cake.

    • Sound Reduction – Home is suppose to be our sanctuary. If you live close to a train track, airport, highway, have noisy kids playing outside, a neighbor who plays an instrument loudly, or neighbors who often throw parties; the sound reduction benefits makes your home more peaceful. While a minimal benefit compared to the others, it is still a nice perk of impact resistant windows.

Impact Window Installations in West Palm Beach – Choose the Best

The impact windows must be installed by a company who is licensed, bonded, and insured. No question about it. This will ensure that the impact windows you just purchased are air tight, and installed with quality in mind. This is how we are one of the fastest growing impact window companies in South Florida.

To see our wholesale prices available to the public, request a free estimate. Ask about any current specials. Pricing is dependent upon the size of your home, your choice of product, manufacturer of product, etc. This is why we cannot give pricing online because there is to many variables. However, we are typically told we are thousands below our competitors.

Start your free estimate for impact windows by calling: 888-732-0614

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