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Impact Windows Wholesaler offers wholesale pricing to the public on all impact windows and impact doors. Allowing the public to protect their families from intruders or natural disasters is our primary goal.

With our everyday low prices and qualified installation crews, we are able to offer both a superior product and installation service.

Some companies who offer impact window installation are simply lead generation websites. What this means is that the website owner is not able to install your impact windows or impact doors.

This will only mark up your rates as they are paid a commission each time you fill out their form or give them a call. Be very careful not to fall victim to these types of services which are hard to distinguish. It will end up costing you thousands of unnecessary markups if so.

When we formed our company, there were a few things which we promised to our customers:

  • Sell as Much Impact Windows & Impact Doors as Possible to Reduce our Pricing – To save you money.
  • Wholesale Prices Available to the Public – Gone are the days of unnecessary markup.
  • No Middle Man – Why should you pay a middle man thousands of dollars for no reason?
  • Highest Quality Installations – We’ve read reviews of windows leaking, AC leaking from seals, etc. These days are over.

Not only are the impact windows and doors we sell beautiful, they are also functional. They are perfect to protect your home from un-welcomed intruders, acts of mother nature such as tornado’s, hurricanes, etc.

The peace of mind impact windows and doors can provide you are second to none. Forget about being worried about intruders breaking a window to gain an entry point into your home. These impact windows and doors can protect your home from a 100 mile per hour 2×4. If these windows can protect against that kind of force, you are sure to be safe from a human trying to gain unauthorized entry into your home.

Furthermore, impact windows and doors are built to appear extremely modern. Gone are the old fashioned type windows form the 1980s and 1990s. These windows can give your home the appearance of a brand new house. It is very rare to see an older home with such beautiful windows & doors. Many of your guests will never know you have impact windows or doors! They will think you upgraded them due to sheer looks alone. The protection is just another added benefit!

As you can tell from our images, the impact windows and doors we offer are top of the line. All impact windows and impact doors are manufactured in the USA and come with manufacturer warranties.

Our installation crews are highly experienced in installing impact windows and doors since this is our only business. You would never trust a dentist to do a plastic surgery, so why would you trust a general contractor who focuses on roofing to install your impact windows or doors? Put your trust in Impact Windows Wholesaler and save big by using our volume discounts and wholesale pricing to the public. Our testimonial speak volumes to the products and service we offer. Give us a call today and don’t worry about pesky sales people, we’ll give you a quote and let you decide if this is something you want to move forward with.

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