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Impact Windows Florida at Wholesale Prices

Searching for impact windows Florida? Impact Windows Wholesaler offers wholesale pricing on all impact resistant windows & doors in Florida to the public.

Based out of South Florida, our products and services are offered statewide. Our wholesale pricing to the public has allowed our company to grow at a tremendous rate with numerous satisfied customers.

Protecting your family & home with impact windows from South Florida hurricanes, burglars, flying debris, and excessive winds is critical. There are numerous additional benefits many are unaware of.

First, you may be wondering how we are able to offer the lowest prices on impact windows in Florida. The answer is simple. Our management team believes in helping as many families as possible. This allows our volume to be far higher than our competition. Additionally, our overhead is a fraction of Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

These savings in overhead costs are able to be passed on to you. Gone are the days of you “pitching in” to pay for thousands of employees, TV commercials, etc.

Impact Windows South Florida – The Benefits

Buying Impact resistant windows in South Florida has likely crossed your mind. With hurricane season coming every single year, it seems like a wise investment. We cannot argue that. Generally, our customers indicate they consider impact windows to protect their family and home from hurricanes. However, the benefits of installing impact resistant windows in South Florida are nothing short of significant.

Below are the additional benefits of buying impact windows in South Florida:

Peace of Mind – Very often, it is hard to put a price tag on your peace of mind. Knowing that an intruder cannot take a hammer to your sliding glass door when no one is home is powerful. Furthermore, if your child ever gets home after school and is alone in the house, knowing your windows cannot be penetrated by an intruder makes the impact windows worth it alone.

Energy Savings – Having your home become more energy efficient will have a long-term effect on the reduction of your energy bill. If you intend on staying in your home for many years to come, you should not overlook the energy savings aspect of impact windows in South Florida.

Increased Home Value – Did you know impact windows can increase the value of your home to potential buyers? Not only will this purchase of impact windows give you peace of mind & energy savings. It will also increase your home value according to HGTV.

Storm Protection – Living in South Florida, impact windows will protect you against storms. The last major hurricane we received was hurricane Wilma in the Southeast portion of Florida. Those with impact windows were not worried about debris flying through their window and damaging their home nor their family.

Outside Sound Reduction – Do you live close to an airport? A highway? A major road? A train track? Neighborhood kids always playing loudly outside? If you enjoy a peaceful quiet household, the sound reduction benefits of impact resistant windows cannot be overlooked. Even if you are sleeping in on a Sunday and a neighbor starts up his lawnmower at 8:00am, the sound reduction will assist your peaceful sleep.

Hurricane Windows South Florida – Protect Your Family

Some of our past customers thought that hurricane windows in South Florida were different than impact windows. Impact resistant windows and hurricane windows are essentially the same product. The goal of the window is to resist flying debris, resist extremely high winds, and be able to ward off excessive levels of rain.

As the video above shows, not even a 2×4 being fired directly at the window will breach it.

If you are looking for hurricane windows in South Florida or impact windows Florida, trust Impact Windows Wholesaler to provide you with a customized quote based on your needs. With the largest selection of impact resistant windows, we will gladly consult with you to match you with the perfect impact window.

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