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Impact Windows Miami – Perfect for Hurricane Storms

Searching for impact windows Miami has never been easier with Impact Windows Wholesaler. Offering wholesale prices to the public on hurricane impact windows in Miami, FL is what we are known for.

A large benefit of choosing Impact Windows Wholesaler is that offer all major impact window brands that are made & manufactured in America. If you are looking for impact window prices in Miami, our large purchase volume on a monthly basis coupled with low overhead, we are able to pass on wholesale rates to the public.

In addition to protecting your home and family against hurricanes and other violent storms, there are a vast amount of other benefits the come along with impact resistant windows in Miami, FL.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows in Miami, FL

  • Hurricane Protection – Impact windows in South Florida are very important. With the last major hurricane Wilma that hit Florida, billions of dollars in damage was done. For those who had hurricane windows in their South Florida home, their family and homes were protected. These hurricane resistant windows in Miami can withstand a 2×4 being launched directly at the windows at over 40 miles per hour.
  • Burglar Protection – If these impact resistant windows can withstand a large piece of wood being fired directly at it, then you can be assured a burglar will have an extremely hard time breaching your home through a window. These windows are meant to be the strongest of their kind. Giving you peace of mind that an intruder cannot easily gain entry into your home because you invested in impact windows cannot be overlooked.
  • Sound Reduction – Do you live near a major airport? Train tracks? Highway? Kids being loud outside? Home is suppose to be a sanctuary to relax and be peaceful in. With the sound reduction qualities of impact resistant windows, the outdoor noise will be greatly reduced. Perhaps you just like to sleep in on a weekend and your neighbor fires up their weed wacker at 7:00am. Regardless, sound reduction is a fantastic secondary benefit of impact resistant windows in Miami.
  • Energy Savings – Energy savings is another great benefit of impact windows. When installed by experts, impact windows can help you eliminate energy waste. If you intend on staying in your home for years to come, this financial benefit starts to add up real quick. In some instances, there is even an energy tax credit for installing these types of impact windows! Here is information directly from the IRS on the energy tax credit.
  • Lower Homeowners Insurance – A safer home means lower insurance premiums. Sure, the cost of replacing a broken window may not seem much. But in the event of a hurricane in South Florida, that window that breaks will allow high winds to enter your house, and this is how roofs get destroyed, from the air pressure. Additionally, water damage can occur causing thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages. Insurance companies are wise when they reduce premiums due to impact resistant hurricane windows. This benefit, coupled with the energy savings benefit will help you recoup the cost of the impact windows.
  • Increase of Home Value – According to CNBC, adding energy saving windows can increase your home value. This is the icing on the cake. With the energy tax credit, lower homeowners insurance, and reduction of energy costs; these windows can be seen as a wise investment both financially & emotionally. Not having to worry about intruders or natural storms, and saving money each month, then increasing the value of your home when you go to sell makes Miami impact windows a wise idea.

Get Impact Window Miami Prices at Wholesale Rates

Impact window prices in Miami differ according to the types of impact windows you are considering, the amount of windows your house has, along with the material your impact windows are made of. There is no easy way to just give a price on impact windows in Miami.

However, we can assure you we offer wholesale prices to the public so give us a call for a free estimate today. Our team of qualified impact window specialists can show you the benefits of the different types of windows and provide you with a no-hassle quote.

Our experts are standing by, give us a call today for your impact window Miami needs: 888-732-0614

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