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Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale – Hurricane Resistant

Searching for impact windows? Fort Lauderdale, FL residents are quickly seeing the numerous benefits associated with impact resistant window installations that are also called hurricane resistant windows.

Impact windows in Fort Lauderdale, FL are now available at wholesale prices even to the public. Impact Windows Wholesaler operates throughout the state of Florida so we are able to give you the lowest possible prices due to our large volume. Furthermore, our overhead is extremely low, so we do not need to tack on unnecessary markups.

Impact window installation companies in Fort Lauderdale are plenty. However, finding one who has nothing but great reviews, no negative reviews, friendly staff, wholesale prices to the public, and no pressure sales people is hard to find. This is why we started Impact Windows Wholesaler. Our team will share the numerous benefits of purchasing impact windows.

Hurricane Impact Window Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hurricane impact resistant windows in Fort Lauderdale is critical if you wish to protect your home against hurricanes. Living in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the possibility of hurricanes are great. The last major hurricane that hit us in South Florida, Hurricane Wilma did heavy damage to many homes. Roofs were blown off, rain entered homes, projectiles breach windows, and more. Those residents who were prepared with impact windows did not have to worry.

Hurricane resistant impact windows can protect your home from damage. Without the worries of climbing on a ladder to install hurricane shutters, falling can cause great bodily harm. Furthermore, it takes on average 10 hours to put up the hurricane shutters according to the Sun Sentinel.

Not having to worry about hurricane shutters allows you to focus on protecting your family, obtaining food & water, obtaining gasoline for your vehicle, and more.

Hurricane resistant impact windows have numerous benefits:

  1. Reduced energy bills – This is a huge benefit as you can reduce your monthly energy bill with more efficient windows.
  2. Reduced homeowners insurance – Your home will now be safe from both hurricanes and intruders. Essentially, you are protecting your home against the breakage, as a result many homeowner insurance companies will reduce your premiums.
  3. Increased resale value – Many prospective home-buyers will appreciate impact windows more than hurricane shutters. The end result is the same (protection of your home), without the danger associated with installation of hurricane shutters nor the 10+ hours required to hang the shutters.
  4. Peace of mind – If you have children that are ever home for a few hours before you get home, as long as the door is locked, say goodbye to the chances of an intruder breaking a window to gain entry!
  5. Greatly reduce outside noises – These windows are built tough. For this reason, they also do a great job at reducing the outdoor noises. This is a great benefit if you live near a train track, have loud kids in your neighborhood, neighbor plays an instrument loud, near an airport, near a highway, etc.

Impact Window Installation Company

Not only can you obtain wholesale pricing as a consumer, Impact Windows Wholesaler can also help you with installation. As a major online player in the sale of impact windows in Fort Lauderdale, we have formed many alliances which allows you to save the most amount of money on impact window installations. Choose Impact Windows Wholesaler to be another satisfied customer.

The installation crews we choose to work with are all licensed, bonded, and insured. Ensuring you are satisfied every step of the way is what has allowed us to flourish with nothing but great reviews & testimonials. Impact window experts in Fort Lauderdale are standing by: 888-732-0614

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