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Impact Windows Boca Raton – Safety for your Home

Impact windows Boca Raton is growing in popularity. Impact glass installers are a dime-a-dozen but when you choose our team, you get the quality service you deserve at a price point that is appealing. We don’t have a single negative review online because our company model is based on excellent customer service and referrals which means we ensure each client is happy when our job is done and after. Whether you’re looking to have impact glass companies in Boca Raton provide you with a quote so that you can choose the one with the lowest price or if you’re set on just finding a ethical company to do the job right, you can count on us!

Our company is best known for having the cheapest pricing on impact resistant glass installation services in Boca Raton because of the fact that we aren’t a middleman company. We go directly to the manufacturing plant to get our glass which means we get wholesale rates on impact glass and in turn we’re able to pass that saving on to you. Although we have the lowest prices in Boca, our service is not compromised by the low price point like most companies that live up to the phrase “you get what you pay for”. With our company you get the best services, at the lowest price guaranteed.

Hurricane Window Installers in Boca Raton That You Can Trust

In South Florida burglary is a big problem and there is a huge concern with service providers that send contractors to the homes of customers without doing any background checks or pre-qualifying them to ensure they aren’t ever going to be a security threat. When you hire us, we go above and beyond to ensure that your security is never compromised. Our staff is like family, we know the in’s and out’s of their lives and we are all very close to one another because we believe that a background check is not enough. When our glass technicians come to your home, you have nothing to be worried about because not a single one of our clients has ever had a problem with security after we do the job for them. Furthermore, all of employees are required to be drug tested and to participate in community service with our company as we contribute community service hours regularly to help give back to the community. Simply put, when you work with our company, you’re working with family.

Benefits of Using Hurricane Proof Windows For Your Home

Impact glass adds security and value to your home. In fact, there many advantages to having impact-resistant windows in your home. Don’t assume that a hurricane is the only thing you’re protected from when you hire an impact glass installation company in Boca Raton Florida because there are many other great benefits such as:

  1. Impact glass is very burglar resistant
  2. High Impact glass and windows help increase energy efficiency in your home
  3. Property value goes up when you install hurricane resistant windows
  4. Most home insurance companies will give you a discounted premium

The main advantage that you as a home owner will experience when you buy impact windows for your home is the fact that you end up increasing you property value so much that it can pay for itself. We’ve helped customers that buy and sell homes by installing hurricane-proof glass on all of their window and the home ended up increasing in property value by 20k which was half of the cost that it took to get the impact glass installed in the first place.

How to Find the Best Impact Windows in Boca

Hurricane windows in Boca Raton are very common because a lot of home owners associations are starting to make them mandatory so when it comes to time start your search, here are a few things to consider.

Our impact window contractors are all background checked and insured for your protection so you can have a peace of mind knowing we aren’t sending a random person to your precious home. Other Boca Raton impact window installation companies have been known to send contractors to homes that aren’t even background checked which is dangerous. Don’t trust any company that installs impact glass in Boca Raton unless they guarantee that their employees are background checked and insured for your protection.

Secondly, our online reputation speaks for itself. We have tons of positive testimonials and clients that we can provide references from upon request which is very important. As a wise consumer, it’s important to research any company that you choose to do business with prior to engaging with them. When you search for our companies online reviews and reputation you will not be disappointed.

Last but now least, our pricing is unbeatable. There are not other hurricane proof window specialists in Boca Raton that can beat our pricing guaranteed. The reason again is because of our ability to get glass at the lowest possible pricing which is passed on to our customers.

When you find a company that installs hurricane windows in Boca Raton Florida and offers all of these three things, you’re working with a solid company. With that being said, your search ends here. Visit our contact us page or call us now to get a free quote on your next project, our sales representatives are knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

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